Registration and payment

AEPM 2020

This page allows you to (1) register for the conference and pay the conference fee and (2) to indicate which visit you would like to follow on the Saturday afternoon. It is very important for the organisers that you indicate your preference for Saturday so that they can make the appropriate travel arrangements. If you are unable to follow the Saturday afternoon activity there is no need to fill in this part of the registration.


Step 1


for the 2020 annual conference of the Association of European Printing Museums

Offenbach, Germany
28-30 May 2020

Registration / Ticket Purchase

Please use this link to register for the conference:

You will be redirected to online reservation service for the event with explanations in English and German.

  • Select Tickets / jetzt buchen to proceed.
  • On the next page you can change to English (bottom right-hand of the screen).

Conference fees

Please note that there are three rates:

  • Members (90 euros)
  • Non-members (130 euros)
  • Accompanying persons (60 euros)
    (The accompanying persons fee allows people who are accompanying registered participants but are not themselves registered or entitled to attend the conference itself to take part in the welcome reception, the evening events and the Saturday excursions.)

By purchasing the ticket you will be automatically registered for the conference and have paid your fee. No additional registration is needed.

Once you have registered and paid, please return to this page and indicate which visit you would like to follow on the Saturday afternoon.


Step 2

If you intend to follow the Saturday afternoon activity:

Indicate which visit you would like to follow on Saturday afternoon

Saturday: excursion / for registered participants and accompanying persons
— Samedi: excursion / pour les participants inscrits et les accompagnants
Sábado: excursión / para participantes registrados y acompañantes
Samstag: Ausflug / für angemeldete Teilnehmer und Begleitpersonen

Please indicate your choice (filling in one form for each person):
— Veuillez indiquer votre choix (en remplissant un formulaire pour chaque personne):
Indique su elección (rellenando un formulario para cada persona):
Bitte geben Sie Ihre Wahl an (füllen Sie für jede Person ein Formular aus):


Haus der IndustrieKulturGutenberg Museum Mainz


First name / Prénom / Nombre / Vorname

Last name / Nom de famille / Apellido / Name

Organisation / Organisation / Organziación / Institution

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