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May: annual conference – Safeguarding intangible heritage: passing on printing techniques to future generations (Nationaal Museum van de Speelkaart, Turnhout, Belgium).


October: A delegation of 28 representatives of AEPM member organisationstravelled South Korea, to take part in the founding meeting and conference of the International Association of Printing Museums (IAPM), organised by the City of Cheongju and the Cheongju Early Printing Museum.

May: annual conference – After printing: bookbinding as cultural heritage (Imprenta Municipal – Artes del Libro, Madrid, Spain).


October: four members of the management board took part in the first meeting of the working group of the future International Association of Printing Museums (IAPM) in Cheongju City, South Korea.

May: annual conference – Making history: collections, collectors and the cultural role of printing museums (Museum of Typography, Chania, Crete, Greece).


November: annual conference – From stone to chip. Alois Senefelder and the invention of lithography in an international context (Nederlands Steendrukmuseum, Valkenswaard, The Netherlands).

September: A delegation of thirty members of the AEPM travelled South Korea, to take part in a meeting aimed at establishing a worldwide network of printing museums, organised by the City of Cheongju and the Cheongju Early Printing Museum.


October: annual conference – The relevance of typographical collections for today’s designers (Tipoteca italiana, Curnuda, Italy).


October: annual conference – Exhibiting printing heritage (Gutenberg Museum, Mayence, Germany).

April: New website goes online.


September: annual conference – Challenges for the preservation, study and exhibition of typographical heritage materials (Lyon Printing Museum, Lyon, France).

Publication of La lettre en Europe (EMCC, Lyon) on the occasion of the Lyon conference.


September: Conference – Collections of today: Towards a critical evaluation of museums’ collections (Deutsches Zeitungsmuseum, Wadgassesn, Germany).


September: Conference at Danmarks Mediemuseum, Odense, Denmark.


September: Conference at the Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp, Belgium.

March: Improved AEPM website online.


September:  AEPM meeting at Basler Papiermühle, Basel, Switzerland.

Spring: Linotype training course, Typorama, Bischofszell, Switzerland.


December: AEPM website online.

November: Training course in hand typesetting, Basler Papiermühle, Basle, Switzerland.

October: General meeting at the Imprimerie nationale, Paris, France.

September: Training course in typecasting, Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, Germany.

April: General meeting at Druckwerk, Dornbirm, Austria.


November: Submission of an applications for EU funding. (Not quite successful…)

February: Foundation of  the AEPM at the Kulturhuef (Luxemburg museum of printing and playing cards), Grevenmacher, Luxemburg.


November: Second planning conference at the Basler Papiermühle, Basle, Switzerland.

May: First planning conference at the Gutenberg Museum, Mainz, Germany.


May: Questionnaire sent out to museums in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the uniited Kingdom with a view to identifying the necessary specialists.


Visits to printing museums and disussions with international representatives.


October: Initial contacts and announcement of the project to establish a network of museums ant printing workshops to preserve traditional printing skills for the future.