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Harry Ness
Chairman of the Iadm

From stone to chip

Alois Senefelder and the invention of lithography in an international context


Dear colleagues,

in the name of the Aepm, the Iadm and the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum I welcome you to our first jointly organized and conducted conference 2016, From stone to chip: Alois Senefelder and the invention of lithography in an international context.

The annual Aepm conference was hosted by the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum (Dutch museum of lithography) in Valkenswaard (Netherlands) from 3-5 November 2016.

It was jointly organised with the IADM (Internationaler Arbeitskreis für Druck- und Mediengeschichte).

We are delighted to welcome so many participants: a confirmation for us that we chose the right theme.

To begin with, I would like to thank Alan Marshall, Roger Münch and Rolf Demmerle for the organization of the conference, and especially I would like to thank Peter L. Vrijdag and Frank von Oortmerssen, whose guests we will be for the next three days here in the beautiful Carolus House.

The conference is very ambitious, and it has seven objectives:

  1. To discuss the development of a technique of image reproduction, from lithography in the early nineteenth century to today’s chip and data production in an international context.
  2. To highlight problems of the historical retelling and museal presentation of different analogue and digital techniques.
  3. To present the content basis for a travelling exhibition to be entitled From stone to chip which is planned by the Gutenberg Museum (Mainz) and the German Newspaper Museum (Wadgassen).
  4. To provide a convivial setting for the annual general meetings of the Aepm and the Iadm.
  5. To make the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum – a lithography museum of exemplary character – more widely known beyond its national borders.
  6. To bring people of different institutions and nations together and provide an opportunity for discussion.
  7. Finally, the Museum news session will initiate an international dialogue on recent developments in the field of printing museums and opportunities for cooperation.

The conference languages are English and German. All lectures should be limited to 20 minutes, so that there is enough time for discussion.

On behalf of the organizers I hope that we achieve our stated goals and that everyone will benefit from the lectures and the discussions.

Harry Ness