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Urgent offer of a 1961 Linotype

Machines   June 2017   AEPM asbl

[Haarlem, The Netherlands] American Linotype, Model 29 The Enschedé Museum in Haarlem (The Netherlands) is offering, free of charge, a Mergenthaler Linotype Co., New York, USA Model 29 No. 69887, built in 1961. The machine must be removed from its present location before the 15th June. I you are interested please contact Johan de Zoete at […]

For sale: vertical platen, metal and wood type

Machines   May 2017   AEPM asbl

Dopffer vertical platen, metal and wood type Retired printer is selling a vertical platen press, metal and wood type. Contact: Thibaut Woreth Machine and equipment 1 motorised pedal press Dopffer 24 x 36, in working order 1 bevelling machine 10 numering machines Lead type 1 frame 53 x 92 (with 15 cases of type) Elzevir 10-20 Ramsès demi-gras […]

Photoengraving equipment

Machines   May 2017   AEPM asbl

Photoengraving equipment A French photoengraver is offering the following equipment free to a good home: horizontal process camera vertical process camera made by Bouzard (Paris) Crosfield 646 scanner. If interested contact M. Salagnac 0033 (0)1 45 23 23 08  

Albion iron hand press 25 x 20 inches – for sale

Machines   March 2017   

Albion iron hand press 25 x 20 inches – for sale, in perfect working order. The press is located in Normandy near Avranches. The seller, Mr Stephen Hitchins has advertised the press in the newsletter of the Oxford Guild of Printers and states that any reasonable offer will be considered. If any AEPM member is […]

Linotype Machine model 48 for sale

Machines   March 2017   

In case any Museum or member may be interested in acquiring a Linotype Machine model 48 with hydraulics and in good working condition please contact Emma Rostron for further information: .  I believe that this machine is in the UK and was recently advertised in the classified adverts of the newsletter of the Oxford […]

Book printing and binding equipment

Machines   January 2017   AEPM asbl

[Hof, Upperfrankonia, Germany] Book printing/binding machines and equipment looking for a good home   Brief history of the workshop The workshop is that of an old book printer founded around 1845 in Hof in Upperfrankonia (Germany), a mainly family business which has remained largely unmodernised. It is housed in an old, two floor building. There is […]

Artist seeks 1 and 2 point rules

Machines   December 2016   AEPM asbl

  I’m looking for 1 and 2 point brass rules. Any length, but only English, French or Belgian height. (Not dutch.) If you have some to spare or know of someone who would might have some to sell, I would be very interested Many thanks in advance, David letterpress | vlek

For sale: vertical platen press

Machines   November 2016   AEPM asbl

Vertical platen press for sale   The press has been completely dismantled, cleaned and lubricated. Complete and in working order, with all rollers (though the ink roller is absent in the photograph). For sale with two chases: a large format and one for visiting cards. The press is stored on a pallet; transport at the cost of the acquirer. […]

AB Dick 8805 + Ets Jullien (Brussels)

Machines   November 2016   AEPM asbl

Information wanted   AB Dick 8805 The Musée de la Maison de l’Imprimerie in Thuin (Belgium) is looking for a user’s manual for an AB DICK 8805. Ets Jullien (Bruxelles) Also, does anyone know where to find a history of the Jullien press manufacturer in Brussels? If you can help, please contact: